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Preschool Carline Information Effective 8/15/22

Dear parents,

We are off to a great start as we wrap up the first week of our 2022-2023 school year. I know some of our little ones have struggled a bit, but they're getting there! With each passing day, they become more and more comfortable and we are certain they will thrive this school year! We recognize that our additional 41 new families God has blessed us with has brought us some new traffic challenges! With that being said, we will now offer two car lines. The car line to the left will be for two--year-olds, Wee‘s class, and kindergarten ONLY, The lane to the right that goes all the way to the back of the parking lot will be our three and four-year-old classes. Please stay in the car line that your child is assigned because that’s where their teachers will be to greet them. We also ask that you hang your child’s car line number from your rearview mirror with a pant hanger (in the morning and afternoon) in order to ensure that we are removing and loading the correct children in the correct lines. If you have multiple children or you carpool, you will take the car line to the left ONLY IF there is a student who is a kindergartener, Wee student or two year old in your car. That means, as long as you have one student in your car that is a Wee, 2 year old class student, or a Kindergartener you will drop off and pick up in the left lane car line. If everyone is mindful of the change and takes the car line according to their child's age, this should be an easy transition. Please do your part to have your student in the correct line. This will go into effect Monday, August 15 at morning car line. We appreciate your complete and total cooperation with this change, and our hope is that our car line will run smoother and faster in the days ahead. Working together for His Glory!

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