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Our Faculty and Staff

Specials Teachers
Office Staff
Music and Movement 
Ms. Waters
Science Lab
Ms. Little

Wee Bee's

Ms. Fowler (Assistant)

Courageous Cows (2's Class)
Ms. Pelegrin (Lead Teacher)
Ms. Hahn (Assistant)
Clever Foxes (2's Class)

Ms. Reynolds (Lead Teacher)

Ms. Anderson (Assistant)

Elephants (Three/Four Days 3's)
Ms. Hurd (Assistant)
Ms. Kimes (Assistant)
Dolphins (Four/Five Days 3's)
Ms. Nguyen (Assistant)
Froggies (Four/Five Day 3's)

Ms. Rainey (Assistant)

Jaquars (Four Day 4s)
Ms. Gillespie (Assistant)
Scottie Dogs (Five Day 4's)
Mrs. Hankins (Assistant)
Owls (Four Day 4s)
Kinderbugs (Kindergarten)
Ms. Doane (Assistant)
Ms. Hankins (Assistant)
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