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Wildwood Baptist Preschool was founded in 1995 by Diane Snyder with just 42 children and 7 teachers. Today we have grown to a staff of 24 and serve over 100 children.


All of our classes use a center approach and play as learning to engage children in the love of learning. Students learn about colors, numbers, and the alphabet as well as social and reasoning skills imperative to a future successful elementary education.


Children learn about God's love and the teachings of Jesus in their daily lessons. Our well-educated staff members are passionate about teaching young children and are constantly learning and growing to meet the needs of our students. 


We invite you to visit our facility, take a tour, and check out our program! We are excited about our school, staff and our time-proven methods of teaching. We look forward to helping your child grow in knowledge and in the love of God! 


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