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A Note from our Director: Sabrina Guthrie

Sabrina and her husband, Kerry, have been  members of Wildwood Baptist since 1990 where she served in the Preschool department for seven years. She was extremely active in women ministries and missions. She is the mother of three children, Nathan, Morgan, and Macy. 


In 2003, the Guthrie family was called to overseas missions where they served in Asia for 13 1/2 years. Much of Sabrina's ministry was serving and working in the orphanages. She spent time teaching, caring and loving on the children. Sabrina assisted the workers of the local orphanages in ways to implement better hygiene, childcare, and education. Through her time spent there, she shared the love of Jesus, which she views as, "The most important gift we can share with someone." Sabrina has been blessed to work with children for over 25 years and continues to view the opportunity of shaping lives of young people as," The greatest job ever created."   


In 2015, the Guthrie's returned to the states where Sabrina has worked at Wildwood Baptist Preschool and Kindergarten to date. Sabrina hopes to continue to shape the lives of children in our community. 

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