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Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is mainly based on the themes and lessons outlined in the Wee Learn curriculum. We enhance that curriculum with other programs in areas such as language learning, phonemic awareness, and science.


ZooPhonics is a multi-sensory approach to teaching letters sounds and shape to young children in a fun and exciting way. It uses sounds, rhyme, actions, and a visual cue to teach the alphabet. 

You can visit their website here for more information. 

child painting at preschool is a website with downloadable games and lessons that our 3, 4, and Kindergarten classes use to teach phonemic awareness through games and activities to increase early childhood literacy. 


This is a free site available to teachers and parents as well. We encourage parents of older preschoolers and Kindergarteners to use this website with their children at home as well. 

You can visit their website here for more information.

S.T.E.M. Lab

Each week, the children visit the STEM lab where they can explore and experience science and technology.

They participate in age-appropriate experiments, engineering activities and use technology in fun and exciting ways.


Our STEM lab coordinator, Mrs. Melinda Little, plans weekly theme-based activities and centers throughout the year to help the children understand, explore and enjoy the world around them.

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