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Our Preschool...​
A Certified Program of Excellence for Young Children​
  • Classes for children 18 months through Kindergarten
  • We offer special activities such as Music and Movement, STEM, and chapel throughout the week. 
  • A well-educated staff that each have a passion for teaching and caring for young children, as well as fostering a love for learning in a Christ-centered environment.

You can pay with MyProCare below by clicking the button or by Check, Cash, or Credit Card through the office staff!

Whats Our Mission?

Wildwood  Baptist Preschool and Kindergarten exists to serve our community by providing high quality Christian education and training for the development of well-rounded students who will impact this world for the Lord Jesus Christ through Biblical thought and action.

Important 2023 Dates
Wildwood Preschool Important Dates

May 4th - National Day of Prayer

May 8th - Jumping World Fundraiser (1-3pm)

May 17th - Last Day of School

May 17th - Kindergarten Graduation

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